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Propeller Z, an architecture studio based in Austria, have designed the renovation and addition of the Flag Residence located in Vienna.

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Flag Residence by Propeller Z:

Complementary relationship – Crouched and focused on itself: the modest farm in the small community Weinviertler Fahndorf is invested in traditional patterns around a courtyard. Residential buildings on the one hand, barn and stable against intervening, the covered passage. The barn itself, the rear wall is the access to multiple releases dug out cellars, the topography of the terrain following, buried up to the eaves.

The expansion, the available floor space of just 60m2 to residential room and kitchen make a contribution and especially according to a contemporary use need the missing link to the south-facing orchard. The new volume pushes, following the road edge, touching in a section of the roof geometry of the court without, however. Carried by a single V-support north side rises above the vehicle and adds a weather-protected outdoor area. A light steel staircase leads to a covered terrace with access to the garden and living room.

The prefabricated panels erected in just one day shell of the new building opens with a generous glazing to the south and east, remain while western and northern side almost completely closed. The enclosed space remains open up to a little wet, concrete floors and plywood
paneled ceiling accompany the kitchen workbench. The Wollfilzpaneele on the north side provide acoustic attenuation and are back for continuous bench, which responds storage furniture and a brick oven base.

The need, however, not be taken too often in operation: the south-facing glazing provides, in conjunction with the good cellulose insulation, for rapid passive heating of lightweight construction. This demonstrates the complementary roles of the two independent parts of the building. The old building stands with its 60cm thick mud walls for protection and coolness in the summer, the lightweight construction for comfort during the cold months and for openness to the landscape.

Of its environment appropriate scale and geometry of the new component allows a natural integration into the context, while the sparingly detailed skin 5mm solid, untreated aluminum plates creates a self-conscious contrast, on the north side stacked in the aluminum shell of wood logs create contrast by their the old tiles texture resembling a formal connection to the rural environment.


Photos by Hertha Hurnaus, Propeller Z website


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