cloud art installation

Brazilian artist Eduardo Coimbra provided a heavenly experience to the visitors of his art installation in Brazil.

Five light boxes with cloud images measuring 17 square feet were installed on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Fascinated passers-by were able to walk around and through the clouds that became an attraction specially when illuminated at night.

“Educated as an engineer, Eduardo Coimbra is best known for his site-specific, mixed-media architectural installations. “[My] work is related to space in a broader sense, many times forcing the boundaries between interiors and exteriors of art spaces,” he has said, “but my main interest is to provoke people right where they live, where they move.” Often inviting audience participation, Coimbra’s works include surreal, constructed landscapes and imaginative, eco-friendly maquettes made from small household objects, florescent lights, prints, and construction-grade wood, steel, and iron.”

FascinatingStreetInstallationLetsYouWalkThroughtheClouds2 FascinatingStreetInstallationLetsYouWalkThroughtheClouds3 FascinatingStreetInstallationLetsYouWalkThroughtheClouds4 FascinatingStreetInstallationLetsYouWalkThroughtheClouds5 FascinatingStreetInstallationLetsYouWalkThroughtheClouds6 FascinatingStreetInstallationLetsYouWalkThroughtheClouds7

[via juxtapozartsy]


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