Brilliant photographer Jasper Doest takes us to the different side of the world through his amazing photos that encapsulate the tranquility and beauty of nature. His pictures simply exude his passion and for him photography is always about emotion, an image must be expressive and should touch its viewers. For this series, Doest chose to capture the fierceness of the Northern Gannet, the largest seabird in the North Atlantic, with a wingspan of up to 2 metres. You may  want to visit his website here for more of his photo series.

The artist says:

I owe a lot to the natural world and photography is my way to give something back.

FascinatingPhotosofNorthernGannetsbyJasperDoest2 FascinatingPhotosofNorthernGannetsbyJasperDoest3 FascinatingPhotosofNorthernGannetsbyJasperDoest4 FascinatingPhotosofNorthernGannetsbyJasperDoest5 FascinatingPhotosofNorthernGannetsbyJasperDoest6 FascinatingPhotosofNorthernGannetsbyJasperDoest7 FascinatingPhotosofNorthernGannetsbyJasperDoest8 FascinatingPhotosofNorthernGannetsbyJasperDoest9 FascinatingPhotosofNorthernGannetsbyJasperDoest10 FascinatingPhotosofNorthernGannetsbyJasperDoest11 FascinatingPhotosofNorthernGannetsbyJasperDoest12


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