Australia-based designer and artist Bianca Chang hand-cuts numerous sheets of 100% recycled paper using only a pencil, ruler, compass point and blade. The results are absolutely fabulous like the first artwork that you saw which was published as feature opener in May 2011 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

FascinatingPaperTypographybyBiancaChang2 FascinatingPaperTypographybyBiancaChang3 FascinatingPaperTypographybyBiancaChang4 FascinatingPaperTypographybyBiancaChang5 FascinatingPaperTypographybyBiancaChang6 FascinatingPaperTypographybyBiancaChang7

The artist says:

Paper is a material that I’ve always worked with since a young age—I think almost everyones’ first experiences of creating images and objects would be with paper—drawing, painting, folding, cutting, pasting. So it wasn’t so much an active decision to use paper, I just never grew out of working with it. My work is a continuation and evolution of very basic techniques. I also loved the idea of transforming something as ubiquitous as paper into something different—by cutting and stacking paper I can manipulate the materiality of the medium and explore form in a very refined way. The push to work exclusively by hand is a product of being a graphic designer. I work all day in front of a screen so it is really therapeutic to practice my fine motor skills for a change. I like slowly working towards a finished artwork—it certainly isn’t an activity of instant gratification and personally it it makes the completion of a piece that much more rewarding.


[via coolhunting]


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