Our shadows are our best friends who would certainly not leave us during our dark times. And who would have thought that these shadows could very well be used to form a unique work of art?

Brazilian photographer Apolo Sales brings a lot of mystery in his latest series of photographs dubbed as “Sombras da Rua” (Shadows of the Street). He combines light and hard shadow with a super contrasted treatment to present a very mysterious look as shown in his awesome photos below:


Apolo-Sales_Sombras-da-rua_1-5e2f9b062a853__880 Apolo-Sales_Sombras-da-rua_2-5e2f9b09e140e__880 Apolo-Sales_Sombras-da-rua_3-5e2f9b0ed83de__880 Apolo-Sales_Sombras-da-rua_4-5e2f9af07d4e5__880 Apolo-Sales_Sombras-da-rua_5-5e2f9af4d2cfa__880 Apolo-Sales_Sombras-da-rua_6-5e2f9af9a36ce__880 Apolo-Sales_Sombras-da-rua_7-5e2f9afd4feaa__880 Apolo-Sales_Sombras-da-rua_8-5e2f9b021cbbb__880



You may want to check out more of Apolo Sales’ works here and here.


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