What’s more exciting about these lamps is that they are embedded with resin and LEDs. Italian designer Marco Stefanelli created his Brecce collection by utilizing sawmill scraps, tree branches, and cement fragments. He had a brilliant idea of replacing the fragments of these materials with sculpted resin embedded with LEDS. Then voila! An amazing array of lamps illuminating from within as if there’s a totally different world out there. Check them out after the jump!

ExquisiteLampsmadefromSawmillScrapsandTreeBranches2 ExquisiteLampsmadefromSawmillScrapsandTreeBranches3 ExquisiteLampsmadefromSawmillScrapsandTreeBranches4 ExquisiteLampsmadefromSawmillScrapsandTreeBranches5 ExquisiteLampsmadefromSawmillScrapsandTreeBranches6 ExquisiteLampsmadefromSawmillScrapsandTreeBranches7 ExquisiteLampsmadefromSawmillScrapsandTreeBranches8

[via colossal]


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