dubai skycrapers

German photographer Sebastian Opitz moved to Dubai in 2008 and was instantly amazed by the city especially its diverse mix of people from all over the world. Inspired by the place itself, Opitz came up with a photo series called Cloud City which features the city’s skyscrapers captured in clouded aerial views. You may want to see more of his cityscapes photos here.

The photographer says:

Right from the beginning I planned to capture the different skylines, cityscapes and the breathtaking mega-constructions with my camera. This plan was to become a major passion and by spending countless hours and whole nights driving around and shooting Dubai from all angles I have built up a considerable stock of photographs over the years.

EnthrallingPhotosofDubaisSkycrapersbySebastianOpitz2 EnthrallingPhotosofDubaisSkycrapersbySebastianOpitz3 EnthrallingPhotosofDubaisSkycrapersbySebastianOpitz4 EnthrallingPhotosofDubaisSkycrapersbySebastianOpitz5 EnthrallingPhotosofDubaisSkycrapersbySebastianOpitz6 EnthrallingPhotosofDubaisSkycrapersbySebastianOpitz7


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