Would you like to try spending a night in this enchanting spherical tent by the Cocoon Tree? This suspended deluxe pod is formed by 24 aluminum rods with polyester ropes attached to trunks and branches. If you’re worried about safety, it comes with a net underneath it.

Another cool thing about the Cocoon Tree system is that you can go camping on the ground, afloat or just about anywhere you can fasten it to.

tent design EnchantingSuspendedSphericalTentTheCocoonTree2 EnchantingSuspendedSphericalTentTheCocoonTree3 EnchantingSuspendedSphericalTentTheCocoonTree4 EnchantingSuspendedSphericalTentTheCocoonTree5 EnchantingSuspendedSphericalTentTheCocoonTree6

[via ewandoo]


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