Enchanting Starpath in Cambridge by Pro-Teq

UK company Pro-Teq Surfacing Ltd has developed the world’s first UV-powered pathway called the ‘Starpath’ wherein liquid-based product combined with either soft or hard media was sprayed on the trail. At present, the cost-effective 150-meter Starpath is being tested in Christ’s Pieces, a well-known park in the east side of the center of Cambridge by Cambridge City Council. Its seamless surface may be applied to any existing surface such as concrete, tarmac, timber or any solid base. The combined material then absorbs and stores energy from UV rays during the day. At night, this energy is then released that allows the particles to glow.

Enchanting Starpath in Cambridge by Pro-Teq2 Enchanting Starpath in Cambridge by Pro-Teq3

Description by Hamish Scott, Owner of Pro-Teq Surfacing (UK) Ltd:

There is nothing like STARPATH in the world, this product adjusts to the natural light, so if it is pitch black outside the luminous natural earth enhances, and if the sky is lighter, it won’t release as much luminosity – it adjusts accordingly, its almost like it has a mind of its own. It is exceptional. At Pro-Teq Surfacing (UK) Ltd, we use natural earth products and it cannot be replicated by any other source; you need to physically see it to believe it, this is pure nature doing its work.

Enchanting Starpath in Cambridge by Pro-Teq4

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