Before anything else, I’d like to share a special trivia. Did you know that the other name of clownfish is anemonefish and not Nemo? Also, I’ve learned that the clownfish and sea anemones greatly coexist. The co-species of Nemo are protected from predator fish by the stinging tentacles of anemones. I didn’t know these facts that until I found this really cute anemone-inspired lighting collection designed for HIVE by Paris-based designer Olivia d’Aboville.

EnchantingAnemoneCollectionbyOliviadAbovilleforHIVE2 EnchantingAnemoneCollectionbyOliviadAbovilleforHIVE3 EnchantingAnemoneCollectionbyOliviadAbovilleforHIVE4 EnchantingAnemoneCollectionbyOliviadAbovilleforHIVE5 EnchantingAnemoneCollectionbyOliviadAbovilleforHIVE6 EnchantingAnemoneCollectionbyOliviadAbovilleforHIVE7 EnchantingAnemoneCollectionbyOliviadAbovilleforHIVE8 EnchantingAnemoneCollectionbyOliviadAbovilleforHIVE9

[via contemporist]


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