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In 2010, artist Tom Tsuchiya (soo-chee-ya) created Atlas Recycled for the Ecosculpt Exhibition on Fountain Square in Cincinnati. The open air exhibition was held to raise awareness of ecological sculptures and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

The 7-foot-tall sculpture depicts the mythical Greek titan Atlas bearing the earth on his shoulders and also doubles as a recycling receptacle for aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Tsuchiya constructed the sculpture’s internal structure from wood, foam, and steel scraps in which he installed a hidden door on the globe portion of the sculpture to allow the recyclable contents to be removed. The sculpture was previously displayed at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal in Vanderbilt Hal on Earth Day (April 22) until April 23.

EmboldeningAtlasRecycledbyTomTsuchiya2 EmboldeningAtlasRecycledbyTomTsuchiya3 EmboldeningAtlasRecycledbyTomTsuchiya4 EmboldeningAtlasRecycledbyTomTsuchiya5 EmboldeningAtlasRecycledbyTomTsuchiya6 EmboldeningAtlasRecycledbyTomTsuchiya7

[via inhabitat]


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