Everytime we would feature blogposts about art, I can’t help but be amazed of how each artist have creatively thought of coming up with outrageously unique methods of presenting their passion for art. True artists never really run out of great ideas that totally blow away every observer’s eyes and hearts.

Robert Buelteman is the man behind that electrifying image above and the rest of the images below. He makes use of jumper cables, fiber optics and astounding 80,000 volts of electricity.


The technique used by Buelteman’s technique was inspired by Kirlian photography which is a high-voltage photogram popularized in the late 1930s. With extreme danger in sight, the artist was not daunted and as a result, an utterly work of art he can be truly proud of. You can read more of how the artist made all these possible here.electrifyingimagesoflovelyflowers3 electrifyingimagesoflovelyflowers4 electrifyingimagesoflovelyflowers5 electrifyingimagesoflovelyflowers6 electrifyingimagesoflovelyflowers7

[via wired]


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