As technology continues to dominate our world and electricity fees cannot go further but up, Amsterdam-based studio Tjep has something interesting to offer. Let us all welcome, Isolée, a self-sustaining, solar powered house which is a combination of intelligent technology and elegant sophistication. The whole structure can be openned up all at the same time through its massive opening doors, just the way you open a cabinet. An intelligent heating system is integrated within the structure that is topped by a solar tree, assuring its residents of minimal fuel reliance.

EcologicallyFriendlySolarPoweredHomebyTjep2 EcologicallyFriendlySolarPoweredHomebyTjep3 EcologicallyFriendlySolarPoweredHomebyTjep4 EcologicallyFriendlySolarPoweredHomebyTjep5 EcologicallyFriendlySolarPoweredHomebyTjep6 EcologicallyFriendlySolarPoweredHomebyTjep7


[via thedesignhome]


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