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Even snow covered, you’ll feel the warmth of this home. Probably because half of it is hugged by earth for insulation, while half of is what you see in the image above, which is actually the backyard. One enters this abode thru the mountain side. Cool and sweet home.

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Dutch Mountain by Denieuwegeneratie Architecten

The semi-subterranean house blends into the landscape of the Beverly Hills Nature Reserve. The large glass front on the south side leaves the heat within those in the concrete is stored. In summer, the earth cools the house naturally. A wooden canopy regulates zoninval and the only visible architecture on the outside. The supporting structure is open with a slight recessed chambers filled package. The house is flexible and can grow with the residents.
The underground house is embedded in the moorland. The large glass facade Allows the sun to warm the concrete shell. The thermal mass keeps this warmth and cool the house in the summer. The wooden cantilever regulates the sun and is only visible in the landscape architecture. The open structure of the house is filled in with a light set of rooms, giving it a Flexibility to grow together with its owners.


Photos by Jaap Vliegenthart | John Lewis Marshall via Yatzer


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