Japan based design studio LEVEL Architects have designed a double house in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture. This wooden structure has a total floor area of 155.54 square meter on 185.46 square meter of site area. Completed in 2010.

hiratsuka_03 hiratsuka_04 hiratsuka_06 hiratsuka_07 hiratsuka_08 hiratsuka_09  hiratsuka_11 hiratsuka_12 hiratsuka_13 hiratsuka_14 hiratsuka_15


hiratsuka_02 wood house design

Description from the architects:

Motaseru changes in the height and shape, the ceiling of each room, which will make the characteristics of each space.Living on the second floor has a ceiling slope-wife cut, by dropping the pendant light positioned to the grit from the ceiling, align the height of the light, it has taken the proportions of height and ceiling irregular. Various elements and finishing tones and the shape of the ceiling, floor, step, light positioned to the grit, the white light enters, LDK simple rectangular, has given rise to complex and mysterious space.


Photos from LEVEL Architects


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