wood art installation

The Small Knocking Down the Big is an installation project by Chinese artist Qiu Zhijie. The artist put together big rectangular pieces of wood for the trunk and small sized ones for branches constituting the shape of a knocked down giant tree.

“The physical principle of the Domino effect is that when one block falls, its thrust forward is greater than that of the earlier block. As a result, if the blocks are identical in size, their speed will accelerate. In other words, the force of the forward push will increase. However, if the pieces vary in size, then one block, on falling, may knock down another block that is 1.5 times the size of the previous one.  

The one that is close to the root of the tree is the biggest and is one meter tall, 50 cm wide and 20 cm thick. The closer they are to the “branch”, the smaller the dominoes they are. The smallest piece is about the size of a matchbox.”

WoodenTreeInstallationbyQiuZhijie2 WoodenTreeInstallationbyQiuZhijie3 WoodenTreeInstallationbyQiuZhijie4 WoodenTreeInstallationbyQiuZhijie5 WoodenTreeInstallationbyQiuZhijie6

[via art flakes]


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