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Each and everyone of us was created equal in the eyes of God, meaning, He treats us equally, no favoritism, no one is better than the other, no one is weaker than the other, no one is bigger than the other.  This is how God loves us, we are all on equal footing.

However, in reality, we know that we were all created differently, meaning, we have different personalities, different sizes and shapes, different thoughts, different perceptions, different perspective in life. In short, we are all different from each other.

Each of us has a fingerprint that is distinctly ours, much as the same as we have a personality that is distinctly ours. Remember the snowflakes? That no two snowflakes are alike? Just like us human beings, even twins are different even if they are identical, you will still see a bit of difference.

And now its raining with word “different” because this is what I what I really want to convey.

We are all different.


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Accept the fact that we are all different.

Don’t keep on pushing to be somebody else. So don’t fret if you see someone is better than you, better-looking, better status in life, better job, better thinking, better in everything.

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Don’t fret if someone is stronger than you are, stronger in physique, stronger in personality, stronger in everything else.

Don’t fret if someone is bigger, wiser, more assertive than you are.Don’t fret if you are not that somebody because you are who you are.

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Do not be envious of what you do not have.


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Be contented and make the most out of what you have.

Come to think of it. If we were all created with strong personalities, can you imagine having world peace? Will there be harmony? I guess not, because we will all clash, collide, fight, argue and never stop debating that our point is right. We will never know of the word “balance.” No one will give way for the other person to win because everyone wants to be the winner.

God created us in diversity, just like animals of different species. Can you just imagine living in a world of only one specie? If all animals that we see are only dogs? or fishes? or birds? or snakes?


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If the only flower in the world is sunflower? or roses? or orchids? or stargazers?


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If the only tree in the world is the pine tree? mango tree? mahogany tree?


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If the only fruit in the world is banana? or apple? or avocado? or orange?


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If the only plant that we will see is grass?


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God created everything in diversity so we can have a choice, we can have all the options to choose from, to  make use of our decision-making capabilities, so that we will not be bored, so that we may live happily, in harmony and in balance.


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I am beginning to realize that everything was “really” made for a purpose. Not just because it was created for the sake of mere creation.

Each of us has a reason to live.

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Each of us should be thankful for this.


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Enjoy each moment.


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So don’t ever fret that you don’t have what others have. As I have said earlier, be contented with what you have. Yes, you may strive to be the best that you can be, but, please do not be an overachiever to the point of stepping on other people’s dignity just to reach the top.


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As my favorite saying goes, “The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.”

Live simply.

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Live happily with no regrets at all!


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Live life!


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See you around! 🙂



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