I may not be much of a chewing gum fan but I was really impressed by how French artist Jeremy Laffon built these structures using a simple gum. Laffon explored all possibilities of using the malleability of a gum aside from its natural form and the results are fantastic! Be sure to check out his exhibit at the Association Limousin Art Contemporain and Sculptures in France from March 12-23. Yummy!

DelectableStructuresComposedofHundredsofChewingGum2 DelectableStructuresComposedofHundredsofChewingGum3 DelectableStructuresComposedofHundredsofChewingGum4 DelectableStructuresComposedofHundredsofChewingGum5 DelectableStructuresComposedofHundredsofChewingGum6 DelectableStructuresComposedofHundredsofChewingGum7 DelectableStructuresComposedofHundredsofChewingGum8 DelectableStructuresComposedofHundredsofChewingGum9




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