book art

Dutch artist Frank Halmans set out a series called ‘Built of Books’ where he cuts up old paperbacks and turn them into eloquent architecture pieces.

He carves mostly elements of access, such as windows, doors and staircase that symbolizes moving through something, whether it be a literary passage, or a physical expanse.

Although, the idea of cutting up paperbacks is quite heartbreaking, Frank Halmans assures that he deliberately chooses to use only unforgettable titles that are bound to be left in the storage for good.

CutUpBooksBecomeEloquentArchitecturePieces2 CutUpBooksBecomeEloquentArchitecturePieces3 CutUpBooksBecomeEloquentArchitecturePieces4 CutUpBooksBecomeEloquentArchitecturePieces5 CutUpBooksBecomeEloquentArchitecturePieces6

More of the artist portfolio on his website.

[via visual news]


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