It’s always cool to hear an inspiring story of starting out something as a hobby that eventually became a full-fledged business. For example, Malaysian artist Cheeming Boey. He draws on cups. That’s how he describes it, as simple as that. It should be mentioned that he’s very good at it too. He uses a trusty sharpie for his illustration on cups that ranges from portraits to landscape drawings that go all around the cup, like an unfolding movie scene. See more of his illustrations below!

illustration on cups4190510651_6418fc6cbd_z 5156433572_7bc62285a9_z 5389748514_c6c5968231_z 5432504027_19f6ca52c5_z 5465424783_66960c4d7a_z 6870085286_69c6e4ff78_z  6925260696_3fb5bd63bc_z 6967511428_b1f7f54aa6_z

Cheeming Boey’s website and more artworks on his Flickr page. Click here to check out his art store.


[via artistsinspireartists]


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