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Takeshi Hirobe Architects designed the recently completed Villa SKK located in Minamibōsō, a city located in the south of Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

To achieve the idea of connecting the sea and mountains through this home, the architect thought of combining the three-dimensional wooden wall structure creating a tunnel-like space inside.

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Villa SKK by Takeshi Hirobe Architects:

The Villa SKK project is a relaxing weekend house in Minamibōsō, Chiba, Japan.

This 2 storey structure is mainly made of wood. The total building area is 79.40 square meters while the total floor area is 105.05 square meters. The structure is set on 854.28 square meter site area.

Project was completed in May 2012.


Photos by Koichi Torimura

[via gessato]


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