Designers, ever heard of that line coming from a clueless client? Leaves you speechless doesn’t it? It’s very difficult to answer these type of requests and not sound the least bit sarcastic. But you try your nicest. They say kids say the darnest things, well, clients too. Sometimes, even more so.

Seeing the bright side of this situation are Ireland based designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy. The duo crowd sourced some of the weirdest (and real) client request from different ad agencies and creative types and asked them to make it into fun posters. To protect the source, artist behind it was maintained anonymous. The project was named SharpSuits, the posters were then exhibited at a Dublin gallery and the proceeds went to the Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

SharpSuitsClientRequestsBecomeArt2graphic design  SharpSuitsClientRequestsBecomeArt3 SharpSuitsClientRequestsBecomeArt4 SharpSuitsClientRequestsBecomeArt5 SharpSuitsClientRequestsBecomeArt7 SharpSuitsClientRequestsBecomeArt8  SharpSuitsClientRequestsBecomeArt10  SharpSuitsClientRequestsBecomeArt12SharpSuitsClientRequestsBecomeArt11

[via fastcocreate]


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