A ground coffee and a pinch of sand surely makes such an interesting recipe of artwork as introduced by Ukranian artist Alexander Wald. To start off, he first draws an outline of his projected portrait on a canvas and then visualizes where his artistic ingredients should be in place. Coffee is used for the darker tones, whereas, sand is used when lighter effects are needed. And to ensure that the grains would not fall apart, Wald covers his work in paint glue with a layer of varnish. As for the results? They’re fantastic of course! ♥

CraftyPaintingsmadefromDriedCoffeeResidueandSand2 CraftyPaintingsmadefromDriedCoffeeResidueandSand3 CraftyPaintingsmadefromDriedCoffeeResidueandSand4

[via odditycentral]


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