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Paris based studio H2o Architects designed the renovation of an ever expanding Apartment Duplex.

The transformation involved converting the existing 700 square feet space into a clean, open and properly planned dwelling with ample storage all around.

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Apartment Duplex by H2o Architects:

The command is singular: a young Parisian advertising, comic collector, wants to create a living environment both serene and sparkling in a dilapidated apartment confusing to geometry, partitioned and contorted.

The existing apartment is in fact made up of six pieces for a surface of 60 m² including the entry of 5 m² met alone seven different doors. The project offers a wide open space and continually expands, complex or denser according to the guidelines and practices.

These variations are modulated by the variable geometries furniture and useful thickness. Porosity is sought and is manifested by a hollow work as a variety of “niche”. Their sizes vary and colorimetry to record places and various functions. They welcome and the vast collection of comics, a bar, a bathroom, a dressing room, etc..

The front still has its cons and the back, behind the scenes may be released to make room for new uses (storage, office, video, shelves, etc.).

The apartment is constantly renewed and viewpoints can then become through.


Photos by H2o Architects


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