container home

Atelier Workshop believe up-cycling containers can be an effective answer for large scale projects and if portability, site access, robustness, security are issues. One example is this prototype called Port-a-Bach, a holiday home built inside a used container with connections to attached solar and wind equipment.

Atelier Workshop require appropriate commercial partners for this model to be mass produced and for this reason it is not available yet. Hopefully, they’d get good backing for this project soon. The key features will definitely benefit a lot of portable home enthusiasts. Some of it include: security, high-level finish, designed to be environmentally clean, comparatively inexpensive, comfortably sleeps two adults and two children.

And it has a fully enclosed exterior steel shell when folded up, a well-appointed storage and toilet facilities, a versatile living space that includes bunk beds, double bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. It comes with 6 concrete footings to form a stable, non-invasive ‘foundation’, allowing you to situate the unit on a wide range of ground conditions.

UpcycledPortableContainerHolidayHome1a UpcycledPortableContainerHolidayHome2 UpcycledPortableContainerHolidayHome5 UpcycledPortableContainerHolidayHome6 UpcycledPortableContainerHolidayHome7


Photos by Atelier Workshop


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