Here’s one adorable furniture for those who would like to add something unique in their place. Note that this is also for those who enjoy playing with swings when they were young and up until now. This Swing Table, a four-poster table suspends eight chairs and a light from its frame, was designed by Christopher Duffy for Duffy London.

ComfySwingTablebyChristopherDuffyforDuffyLondon2 ComfySwingTablebyChristopherDuffyforDuffyLondon3 ComfySwingTablebyChristopherDuffyforDuffyLondon4 ComfySwingTablebyChristopherDuffyforDuffyLondon5 ComfySwingTablebyChristopherDuffyforDuffyLondon6 ComfySwingTablebyChristopherDuffyforDuffyLondon7

[via design-milk]


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