Elysium Woodworks sure knows how to tickle their clients. Who would not want to prepare food on such a playful cutting board like this one? Though the Chemistry subject was not really my favorite in high school, I would certainly love to have this Periodic Cutting Board of the Elements in which by the way you could personally request to engrave your name on the 118th element Ununoctium. Aside from this, there are other clever designs such as the world map or words like bacon, chop, or cook which are spelled out using periodic element symbols. You may want to order one for yourself here.

CleverlyPlayfulPersonalizedCuttingBoardsbyElysiumWoodworks2 CleverlyPlayfulPersonalizedCuttingBoardsbyElysiumWoodworks3 CleverlyPlayfulPersonalizedCuttingBoardsbyElysiumWoodworks4 CleverlyPlayfulPersonalizedCuttingBoardsbyElysiumWoodworks5 CleverlyPlayfulPersonalizedCuttingBoardsbyElysiumWoodworks6 CleverlyPlayfulPersonalizedCuttingBoardsbyElysiumWoodworks7 CleverlyPlayfulPersonalizedCuttingBoardsbyElysiumWoodworks8

[via beautifullife]


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