Osaka, Japan

These may look like paintings but actually they’re not. What keeps me amazed by these photos is the fact that I don’ exactly have clear understanding and knowledge of how photographer Stephanie Jung captures them.


Nara, Japan

Vibration of the watermark space themes of urbanity, identity and placed in an acceleration voltage ratio with the cultural tradition are at the center of the tables in Japan for less unusual Stephanie Jung. Straight from events of daily life, the views are then covered with a vibrant texture made gradual displacement of perspectives, transparencies minutitusement integrated and intense colors. The optical dynamic that emerges then in the viewer’s eye is like a Cubist revolution, a division of perspective temporally arranged. A random moment of urban life is stretched, the pattern appears as a trace of itself multiple and constantly repeating. It is precisely this vibration of the space, deployed forces, which gives the paintings a spiritual dimension but also visually persuasive.


Nara, Japan

city photos of Japan

Shibuya, Japan


Tokyo, Japan

[via fr.lumas.com]


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