U.K. based studio Hudson Architects designed the Cedar House located in North Elmham which is a village in the English county of Norfolk in England.

This residential project brings to mind a traditional functional farm building. Completed in 2005.

QuicklyAssembledCedarHousebyHudsonArchitects2  QuicklyAssembledCedarHousebyHudsonArchitects4 QuicklyAssembledCedarHousebyHudsonArchitects5 QuicklyAssembledCedarHousebyHudsonArchitects6 QuicklyAssembledCedarHousebyHudsonArchitects7 QuicklyAssembledCedarHousebyHudsonArchitects8 QuicklyAssembledCedarHousebyHudsonArchitects9 QuicklyAssembledCedarHousebyHudsonArchitects10 QuicklyAssembledCedarHousebyHudsonArchitects11assembled house design

Cedar House by Hudson Architects:

The Cedar House is a prototype for cost-effective new-build modern housing. It deploys innovative off-site construction, which simplifies the building process without compromising the architecture of the house. The cedar reads as a dramatic and sleek protective cloak that sits harmoniously within its countryside surroundings.


Photos by Hudson Architects


[via archello and besthousedesign]


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