Expressive Portrait Using 55,000 Plastic Discs on Chain Link Fence

Artist Christian Moeller uses a colossal canvas for his art, a chain link fence that is 625 feet long. In this project titled Spectators, Moeller used 55,000 white snap-on plastic discs to create expressive portraits of kids watching a baseball game through a chain-link fence.


Amazing Old School House Loft Conversion in London

This amazing 3,500 sq feet old school 3-level house loft conversion is located in Searle, London. Glass walls, glass walkway to the bedroom, bold furniture and lavishly elegant light fixture adorn the white interior of this open-plan penthouse. Photos by Shootfactory


Charming Shoebox House on Wheels

Tennessee Tiny Homes built this tiny house called The Shoebox. This charming compact house on wheels is complete with a living area, kitchen, bathroom and a loft that can fit a full-sized bed. Photos by Garner O. Boyd


Ravenscourt Road House by DOS Architects

DOS Architects recently completed the extension and refurbishment of this elegant home located in West London. The project is a successful blend of modern materials into the existing Victorian inspired residence.   Ravenscourt Road House by DOS Architects: Our client’s brief was to open up and extend the lower ground floor whilst also extending the second floor and modernising the whole of the house. Our intervention included the lowering of the […]


Ingeniously Thought Print Campaign Using Airport IATA Codes

The other day I featured poetry created from titles of books stacked together. Now, here is another fun way of connecting the dots, ehem, what I mean is, connecting the words. Ogilvy & Mathe was commissioned by Expedia to come up with a unique print campaign. The agency thought of using International Air Transport Association (IATA) codes to form clever travel-related phrases. With over 9,000 three-letter IATA codes around the world, it must have been really exhausting and […]


♥ 'Tis The Season To Be Romantic

Happy Hearts Day everyone! Well, I guess, everyday should be Valentine’s Day. And what better way to celebrate this extra special event is to take a trip down memory and be a bit nostalgic. Last year, the collaboration among BIG + Times Square Alliance + Flatcut + Local Projects and Zumtobel resulted to an interactive heart installation at Times Square, New York which utilized the flow of people, air and touch to bring the heart to life. The 10-foot tall glowing heart sculpture […]


Artistic Hand-Pierced Paper + Needle-Stitched Typography

At first glance, did you readily notice what was in the first image? If no is your answer, don’t fret because we are on the same side. If yes, good for you because you sure have an eye for art. Yes, the image spelled-out the month January and yes that was just a plain white watercolor paper stitched with colored cotton thread. The artist behind this work of art is Peter Crawley whose illustrations have […]


Remarkable Toy Store That Does Not Sell Toys

Amidst the advent of technology and digital toys, it is good to note that there are still people who would want children experience the how it was like to play solely using their imagination and creativity. Check out this special store that does not sell toys. Sounds strange? Well, the Chicago Children’s Museum, in partnership with creative agencies Energy BBDO and Xi Chicago, created the Mister Imagine’s Toy Store that […]


Sculptural Bookmobiles made from Repurposed Abandoned Novels

The “Repurposed Library” is a project of Lisa Occhipinti, a painter, book artist, photographer and author with a background in bookbinding and is smitten with collecting and creating. The artist makes use of unwanted volumes of books from flea markets and thrift stores particularly those linen-bound novels printed in the early to mid-twentieth century. [via inhabitat]


Waldo Trommler Paints Branding Stands Out

Colors do attract clients and this has been proven a thousand times in the advertising industry. Reynolds and Reyner highly valued this concept when they came up with a great idea of making the brand of Waldo Trommler Paints (WTP) stand out while it was planning to enter the U.S. market. WTP, a small Finnish company, needed a new visual entity and with the help of Reynolds and Reyner they achieved an apt […]