Delicious Food Illustrations by Daryna Kossar

Ukraine-based designer and photographer Daryna Kossar creates inspirations and colorfully illustrates them with food. Results are just sweet, delicious and will make you go hungry. Check out some of her works below. [via xaxor]


Baby's Adorable Dreams Imagined with Stuffed Toys, Clothes + Household Materials

What are babies’ dreams made of? Freelance artist Queenie Liao imagines them with adorable results! In a project called Wengenn in Wonderland, more than a hundred photos were captured starring her son Wengenn while napping. Queenie showcases her creativity with the use of simple materials such as colorful pieces of clothing, stuffed animals and common house items.   [via boredpanda]


Captivating Sony Ad Campaign Shot in Costa Rica Covered in Flower Petals by Nick Meek

Photographer Nick Meek was commissioned by world-renowned advertising agency Mccann for the campaign of Sony’s new 4k TV that provides four times the detail of full high definition. The team chose multicolored flower petals and leaves in the colorful tropics of Costa Rica as the fundamental medium for the project. To illustrate the excellence in focus, the petals were blown and exploded throughout the island landscape, whirled through the prismatic […]


Meet Champ: Most Stylish + Cuddly Golden Retriever on Instagram

Talented photographer Candice Sedighan and her 11-year-old golden retriever Champ share the love for the camera. Today you will see elegant photos of the ever calm and sweet Champ enjoying the company of fluffy chicks and more of his adventures! See more of Candice Sedighan Photography of handsome Champ on Instagram and Facebook.   [via  buzzfeed]


In Nevada, There's a Brilliantly Man-made by Accident Geyser with Stunning Colors

Did you know that this Fly Geyser is not an entirely natural phenomenon but was man-made by accident? In 1964, a geothermal test well was being drilled to explore sources of geothermal energy. The well was capped inadequately which made dissolved minerals to rise and accumulate overtime creating the travertine mound on which the geyser sits and continuous to rise until today. The geyser looks like a small erupting volcano […]


Photographer Takes Humorous + Intimate Photos of Her Rescued Dogs

Dog portraits is always a welcome treat after an intensely busy week. Looking at these photos by self-taught photographer Elke Vogelsang, you’ll fall in love with her three rescued dogs  Noodles, Scout and Loli who happen to love the camera. Here they are captured in their most expressive and sometimes emo moments. One photo even look like they are having a hearty laugh or singing their hearts out. Check out more […]


Endearing Photos of Toddlers and Animals Enjoying the Nebraskan Countryside

Being used to the rush of the city and consumed by technology, it is refreshing to see photos of toddlers enjoying the countryside and being friendly with animals. Photographer and artist Jake Olson captured these endearing photos set in the Nebraskan countryside. As inspiring as the photos he takes is Olson’s story of discovering his passion for photography which happened when he was already 38 after he worked for several […]


Amazing 360-degree Panoramic View of Unexplored Places Around the World

Just discovered a cool blog called 360 degree cities, a collection of amazing 360-degree panoramic photos from all over the world. Check out more panoramic shots below.


Spellbinding Water Droplet Macro Photography on Colorful Backgrounds

Self-confessed macro photography addict and hobbyist Tim a.k.a. goRillA-iNK have created a collection of water droplet macro photos set in vivid backgrounds. Tim’s work has been a favorite for many fans of his photography and his most famous yet has reached 10,000 downloads. Besides macro photography, Tim is on a journey of exploring his passion in still life and conceptual photography. See more of his works below. [via deviantart]


Icy Extremes: Tiny Ice Flowers in the Grass by Kelly Photography

Icy Extremes is Kelly Photography’s latest series featuring these dainty formations of ice patterns that look like flowers in the grass caught while having a morning walk around her yard. The patterns are just gorgeous.