Urban Treehouse by Luciano Pia

Architect Luciano Pia have designed 25 Verde, an urban treehouse that protect residents from air and noise pollution. This 5-storey structure is located in Turin, Italy.


Vibrant New School Design in Kiev, Ukraine

Elena Dobrovolskaya and Dream Design Studio have designed a New School located in Kiev, Ukraine.


Sleek Wooden Ruban Coffee Table by RKNL Furniture Design

Amsterdam-based firm RKNL Furniture Design have created the Wooden Ruban Coffee Table in brushed brass & burned oak using Shou-sugi-ban technique.


Peculiar Yet Romantic Jewelry Design Composed of Real Flowers Enclosed in Mini Glass Orbs

Jewelry brand RubyRobin offers a unique design of jewelry composed of real flowers enclosed in mini glass orbs. Designer Khrystyna creatively encased real flower petals and dandelion seeds in miniature glass jars to make rings, pendant necklaces and earrings.   [via designtaxi]


Fascinating Invisible Barn in New York by STPMJ

Idea-driven and New York-based design practice STPMJ built the Invisible Barn located in Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, New York. Description by STPMJ: Invisible Barn is a site-specific design proposal that re-contextualizes the landscape of the Socrates Sculpture Park by projecting the landscape on the structural proposition. A barn shaped-wooden structure is sheeted with reflective film on its surfaces. This mirror-finished folly is placed in the middle of the grove and […]


Lovely and Colorful Garden Retreat by Harold Leidner Company – Landscape Architects

Texas-based Harold Leidner Company – Landscape Architects designed this lovely garden with a curvilinear built-in seating with colorful pillows perfect for entertaining at any time of the day [via freshome.com]


Lovely Fashion Illustrations with Real Flower Petals by Grace Ciao

Check out these beautiful fashion illustrations mixed with real flower petals by artist Grace Ciao.


Awesome Pocket-sized Printer by Zuta Labs

If you are a certified mobile person who is always on the go, then this awesome pocket-sized printer would deliver the best news for you. Israeli studio Zuta Labs offers an awesome product that can print remotely using a bluetooth connection from tablets, smartphones or desktop computers.  The Mini Mobile is a teardrop shaped portable printer that was developed by former students of the Jerusalem College of Technology. The device […]


This Smallest 3d Printing Pen Let You Doodle in the Air

LIX recently launched the smallest handheld 3D-printing pen at Kickstarter. The pen is powered from a USB by electricity. After about a minute, the pen is hot enough to make vertical 3d illustration. I’d totally buy one.   


Cute and Playful Gyeonggi Children’s Museum Climbing Gym in South Korea by Luckey

Design/build firm Luckey created this 53′-4″ climbing gym made out of bendy straws for the Gyeonggi Children’s Museum in South Korea. The structure can be accessed from the ground floor or via the bridge attachment on the second floor. Its base is filled with bent surfaces of different colors of orange, blue, brown, magenta and white. Children would definitely enjoy climbing the discs that slowly start to disappear as they […]