With the use of surgical scalpel and wood glue, Melbourne based artist and filmmaker Daniel Agdag makes these extremely detailed cardboard sculptures guided with only pure intuition and imagination.

The artist calls this collection ‘Sets for a Film I’ll Never Make’. He likens the process of creating every piece to sketching 3d objects with carboard.

The unassuming use of boxboard as a medium belies elaborate complicated machines and contraptions that preserve the incessant redundancies of the modern industrial world. His work has been described as architectural in form, whimsical in nature and inconceivably intricate. 

tiny sculptures ExtremelyDetailedTinyCardboardSculpturesInspiredbyMovieSets2 ExtremelyDetailedTinyCardboardSculpturesInspiredbyMovieSets2 ExtremelyDetailedTinyCardboardSculpturesInspiredbyMovieSets3 ExtremelyDetailedTinyCardboardSculpturesInspiredbyMovieSets4  ExtremelyDetailedTinyCardboardSculpturesInspiredbyMovieSets7 ExtremelyDetailedTinyCardboardSculpturesInspiredbyMovieSets8

[via strictlypaper]


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