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Australian studio Canny Architects designed the Canterbury House located in Canterbury, Australia.

This sleek modern home has 4 bedrooms, 4 car garage, 2.5 bathrooms, a cellar and 4 living areas. It’s main feature is a pool resembling a moat that surrounds a decked lounge.

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Canterbury House with a Gorgeous Pool by Canny Architects:

Whilst the home carries a somewhat modest façade, it’s the interior and rear components that really set the tone of this casually sophisticated property. With 4 bedrooms, 4-car basement garage, 2.5 bathrooms, cellar and 4 living areas, it encapsulates everything the clients could possibly imagine. Everything about this home is state-of-the-art, from the Jetmaster fireplace and integrated barbecue in the pool house, to the dumb waiter and $15,000 custom built glass pane from the study outlook to pool, no expense was spared in creating this perfectly tuned home.

The granite external cladding on feature walls and thoughtful use of timber assist with the seamless integration of the home’s functional and aesthetic components. The fully-tiled pool with granite stepping stones marries in beautifully with the stonework of the adjacent alfresco area; and the spotted gum decking flows from the polished floorboards of the main living area to provide an inviting exterior island oasis. The 15×2 m (49×6.5 ft) lap lane adds functionality to the pool, whilst continuing the theme of a wrap-around water feature. The pool is fitted with in-floor cleaning, solar heating and premium filtration to keep it looking perfect year-round with minimum fuss.


Photos by Canny Architects


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