Bureau Lada designed this contemplative studio called The Archive.

This space was built to house a contemporary artist who loves peace, solitude and the idea of ‘being away from it all’. The structure is covered in mirrors, almost disappearing in nature.

artist studio design  CamouflagedArtistStudioCladinMirrors2 CamouflagedArtistStudioCladinMirrors2 EXPO Ideeënprijsvraag Atelier Malkovich. Een tentoonstelling van 8 ateliergebouwen schaal 1:2. Van 23 augustus t/m 28 september 2008. CamouflagedArtistStudioCladinMirrors3b CamouflagedArtistStudioCladinMirrors4

The Archive by Bureau Lada:

The brief for the Atelier Malkovich ideas competition asked for the design of an innovative and functional studio for the contemporary artist. It should address the changing of both their role in society and their working methods. 


Photos by Bureau Lada


[via thecoolist]


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