UK based photographer Richard Hicks loves photographing bubbles and the landscapes reflected on them. After discovering the beauty of landscapes reflected on bubbles, Richard got obsessed with trying to photograph them using different bubble mixtures and techniques. He says,

This is a real bubble, NOT a Photoshop creation. There are very small adjusts to light levels, but just to make up for underexposure – which I needed to get a bit more speed and depth of field. When a bubble flies over your head you get a panorama view. I found a shaded tree to get the all-important dark background. Nature provides!

bubble photography bubblephotography1 bubblephotography3 bubblephotography4 bubblephotography5 bubblephotography6 bubblephotography7 bubblephotography8 bubblephotography9 bubblephotography10 bubblephotography11

More of his beautiful photography on Flickr.


[via etoday]


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