Gladly through this post I learned something new and it is about the art of quilling which involves the use of thin strips of paper that can be rolled, shaped, and glued to the background. All I thought before was that quilling only involves stitching together different types of cloth (remember the movie How to make an American Quilt?) But ooooh! I searched through Google and eventually found out that the correct title shall I say is How to make an American QuillWheew! Oh well, enough with my funny antic. Check out these works by Moscow-born and UK-based artist Yulia Brodskaya.

BrilliantQuillingArtworkofYuliaBrodskaya2 BrilliantQuillingArtworkofYuliaBrodskaya3 BrilliantQuillingArtworkofYuliaBrodskaya4 BrilliantQuillingArtworkofYuliaBrodskaya5 BrilliantQuillingArtworkofYuliaBrodskaya6

The artist says:

This artwork is the first piece in the series of works which I consider a declaration of love to the material and the technique. It is also an attempt to raise a profile of this paper craft, which has been previously regarded with some disdain, and to bring this type of artwork on a new level in terms of its ability to convey meaning and emotions.

It would be difficult to avoid mentioning one of the questions I am often being asked about my commercial paper works, which is, ‘How long does it take’. Obviously this work took a lot longer than any of the commercial works I’ve done so far. In this laborious work the process has also become important: to my opinion, spending endless hours and days on a piece of work gives the suggestion of great care; not in vain the notion of ‘care’ is implied in the word ‘to craft’ itself.


[via sneakhype.com]


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