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We don’t actually need a lot of words to brighten up our day. According to two girls named Skye Dwyer and Melissa Lee, all we’ll ever need are just five word

This inspired them to put up their typography website and simply called it Five Words. Since 2010, they have been sharing their daily messages to thousands of fans and followers. ♥

BrightenUpYourDayWithJustFiveWords2 BrightenUpYourDayWithJustFiveWords3 BrightenUpYourDayWithJustFiveWords4 BrightenUpYourDayWithJustFiveWords5 BrightenUpYourDayWithJustFiveWords6 BrightenUpYourDayWithJustFiveWords7 BrightenUpYourDayWithJustFiveWords8 BrightenUpYourDayWithJustFiveWords9 BrightenUpYourDayWithJustFiveWords10 BrightenUpYourDayWithJustFiveWords11

[via designtaxi]


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