drops of paint bouquet

These breathtaking drops of paint are created by artist Jack Long, who refers to his work of art as Vessels and Blooms. Jack says that he enjoys working with liquids because all the pictures that come out in the end are different.

The photos are created by photographing fast-moving droplets of paint as they fall through the air.

dropsofpaintbouquet2 dropsofpaintbouquet3 dropsofpaintbouquet4 dropsofpaintbouquet5 dropsofpaintbouquet6 dropsofpaintbouquet7 dropsofpaintbouquet8 dropsofpaintbouquet9 dropsofpaintbouquet10 dropsofpaintbouquet11 dropsofpaintbouquet12 dropsofpaintbouquet13


The images contain a range of leaves, stems, petals and even the pots are made out of paint.


[via dailymail.co.uk]


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