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Amsterdam based architect Hans van Heeswijk designed the Rieteiland House which was completed in 2011.

Built in an island in the Netherlands, this contemporary detached house was strategically sited to get the most view of the open landscape.

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Rieteiland House description by Hans van Heeswijk:

The house on the Rieteiland East at IJburg is entirely focused on the view. The placement on the lot is so planned that from the house panoramic sight lines to the Diemerpark. From the terrace on the west side and the waterfront are the sunsets daily spectacle.

The house is a simple rectangular building volume of three floors and a basement. The street is closed by perforated anodized aluminum panels. The facade on the waterfront is however completely open. Central to the block is a service block. The three floors around it by meandering interconnected voids. The design goes beyond the architecture of the house, but also covers furniture and details, and locksmithing. Particular attention is paid to the energy economy. Use is made of heat and cold storage, heat pumps and solar collectors on the roof. Sustainability is addressed by an efficient and compact design, good insulation, the effective use of available energy, the use of natural materials and assembly techniques.


Photos by  Imre Csany


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