Auckland based studio Bossley Architects design the Waterfall Bay House.

This 270 square meter residential home is located in Waterfall Bay, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.

bay house design WaterfallBayHousebyBossleyArchitects1 WaterfallBayHousebyBossleyArchitects2 WaterfallBayHousebyBossleyArchitects3  WaterfallBayHousebyBossleyArchitects5 WaterfallBayHousebyBossleyArchitects6 WaterfallBayHousebyBossleyArchitects8 WaterfallBayHousebyBossleyArchitects9 WaterfallBayHousebyBossleyArchitects10 WaterfallBayHousebyBossleyArchitects11

Waterfall Bay House by Bossley Architects:

Located in a remote bay in the Marlborough Sounds, this house emphasizes the intimate qualities of the small bay. Set close to the water it runs along the contour as a two storey primary element incorporating living areas above and guest rooms below.

Linked by a glazed bridge is a main bedroom, raised above the cliff on visually unstable legs to emphasize its eerie-like relationship to tree tops and sky.


Photos by Paul McCredie and Kieran Scott, Bossley Architects


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