Montréal-based studio Naturehumaine designed the renovation and extension of a 1940s duplex on Berri Street in Montréal, Quebec.

Before the renovation (picture below), the house was worn and had a dilapidated brick exterior. After the transformation was completed in 2012, this single family dwelling had a fresh interior in place as well as a sleek exterior.


Before photo

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Berri Residence by Naturehumaien:

Passion of contemporary architecture, a couple with two young children want to build a three-story addition to their duplex dating from the 40s. Their main desire is to develop a dining room that will become the heart of the home and the place of family exchange. This piece of glass largely ground floor facing south and is adjacent to the new kitchen. The addition includes a ground level garden master bedroom overlooking an English court. A sense of lightness and transparency is provided to the entire structure even wood construction. The dimensions of the glass panels are increasingly pushed to their limit. The siding is pine green olive complexion and bezel capped glass of galvanized steel plate.


Photos by Adrien Williams


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