house in stockholm

This picturesque property from the 1600s is located in an Old Town neighborhood of Stockholm in Sweden.

Its interior is surprisingly fresh and furnished with lively colors. In summary, this 112 square meter apartment attic has 3 bedrooms and a wonderful view of the city.

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Description from Skeppsholmen:

Downstairs is a classic style with deep window niches and wide pine planks. Here you will find a large bedroom with space built bookcase and built-in speakers. The room can be shared by the two bedrooms. 

Directly adjacent are large walk-in closet with room built furniture, washing machine and dryer. Large bathroom with tub, heated floors and windows. Separate guest WC. Upstairs, wind character with sloping ceilings, six skylights, four dormers with a low parapet, exposed roof trusses and knees. This plane is perceived as extremely right. 

The floor plan is open with kitchen with dining area and living room creates a wonderfully delightful sitting area. The machinery The equipment in the kitchen comes from Gaggenau. Well run association in completely renovated building. A real dream home in Old Town, among colorful cobbled streets, narrow alleys and open squares close to the wharf, the castle and plenty of cozy restaurants and cafes. Not lift.


Photos by Skeppsholmen


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