Collages always excite me when I was younger because they seem to be so easy to make. But then again, I learned about Mike Alcantara, a Texas-based artist who uses cut-up comic books to make remarkable and complicated collages. He made me appreciate doing artwork with extreme detail and passion. Collages are not that simple to make after all if you happen to give more attention on creating them. See more of his works after the jump!

AweInspiringCollagesmadefromCutupComicBooks2 AweInspiringCollagesmadefromCutupComicBooks3 AweInspiringCollagesmadefromCutupComicBooks4 AweInspiringCollagesmadefromCutupComicBooks5 AweInspiringCollagesmadefromCutupComicBooks6 AweInspiringCollagesmadefromCutupComicBooks7 AweInspiringCollagesmadefromCutupComicBooks8 AweInspiringCollagesmadefromCutupComicBooks9 AweInspiringCollagesmadefromCutupComicBooks10

[via designtaxi]


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