Architect-artist Hong Yi was commissioned by Nespresso through Connexia to do a coffee cup stain portrait of the beloved Italian singer Lucio Dalla on site in Milan. Lucio Dalla was a popular Italian singer-songwriter, musician and actor who passed away in March of this year. The beautiful piece was showcased last September at the new Nespresso boutique in Bologna, right below Lucio’s studio and apartment.

According to Hong Yi:
This project was a really meaningful one because I met many people who knew Lucio – some have even worked for him for 20+ years. All of them who knew him told me that same thing: that though everyone regarded him as a genius, he was still a very humble, easy-going, genuine person. Some even had tears in their eyes. They told me in this portrait, it was his eyes that really spoke to them – they said he always had ‘that look’. They also mentioned that he was an avid art fan and collector, and would have appreciated this piece. 
coffee cup portrait LucioDallacoffeestainportrait1
More photos from Hong Yi website.


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