Sometimes it all boils down to packaging, seriously...

Lucky are those who are blessed with creative minds. They have the capacity to explore their imaginations and come up with such magnificent and extraordinary creations, just like theseImaginative Package Designs which I fortunately found in the net the other day. I especially loved that Samurai perfume. Couldn’t think of any other way of relating a perfume to a samurai. I just love how the perfume looked like it was imaginatively cut […]


Print My Fingers in Eight Ways

  I found these amazing works of art the other day. Illustrations of fingerprints depicted in different ways. And hear my words are in a real sway.            Kevin Van Aelst replicated his own set of fingerprints in an exceptional way to be able to show the world that he really knows the meaning of “work of art.” [via]


Happy Stars Uncut

Seeing happy shots really brings joy to my heart, especially if they are stolen shots. The two lovely girls above may look familiar to you. They are the legendary Olsen Twins. I never thought that they would be very successful women of their generation. They look terribly cute in this picture, agree! Here’s more of celebrity happy moments: This one’s definitely my favorite shot… Keep on smiling! 🙂   [Happy shots via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]


A Simple Dirt Can Make Such a Great Impact...

This is a very interesting work of art by Roland Reiner Tiangco. I happened to have found a site featuring this one while stumbling upon the net. Such a unique idea that brings a lot of meaning. Its message is definitely striking. Great minds do really have so many things to offer to the world.


Which Direction Will You Take?

In life, there are so many directions that we’ll have to choose from, and if given the chance, which will you take? I can still remember the poem I’ve learned during my high school days entitled, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost.  Imagine, the reader is only to choose from two roads, and yet, it proves to be very difficult. What more if you are left with so many choices […]


L-O-V-E Makes The World Go W-E-I-R-D

I found these funny illustrations in the net yesterday. The article was actually entitled, “Nerdy Dirty Illustrations for Nerds In Love.” But I believe that these do not only apply to the nerds because when you are trapped in the four letters of L-O-V-E, you’d be weirder than you’ve ever been. Check the other illustrations as you scroll down below. They may sound a bit “cheesy” though but they can […]


A fried egg gone toast taught me something very interesting...

I thought that this was just an ordinary picture of an egg gone toast while being fried. Then I hovered onto the picture to know more what’s behind it. The title of the pic was actually “Hyperrealistic Food Paintings” and I asked myself, “is this a painting?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?!” I looked closely on this sunny-side up egg to see if it’s real painting or real food. What I found out was […]


Yummy Trip Around the World

In line with the celebration of the Sydney International Food Festival, the flags of participating countries were depicted in the form of a delicacy from each nation. I stumbled upon these yummy pictures at Yum, yum, yum!!! Ooooh, this makes me want to roam around the world and get a taste of each nation! See yah!


Paper Typography

Sabeena Karnik describes herself as a calligrapher, fine artist and illustrator/ typographer specializing in paper sculpturing and acrylic murals. She is currently based in Mumbai, India. Thanks Sabeen Karnik for this wonderful masterpiece.


Take A Small Trip Around The World

Villages captured in miniatures are truly a sight to behold. Can someone please make a miniature of all the beautiful places in the world and place it in only one area, then literally call it a “Trip Around The World?” Wouldn’t it be nice isnt’ it? Artists could really go a long way to show their creativity. They could intricately make simple things grand. Just like that miniature above.Located next […]