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Daintily built not to disturb the forest floor. This architectural studio is a quiet visitor of nature. This space, that was designed to provide home to a family of architects and musicians, is a very good reminder that we are welcome to have a little bit of space within her, but its sole ownership is still Mother Nature.

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Apollo 11 by Parra + Edwards Arquitectos:

Apollo 11 is a house/studio situated in the middle of a forest of native trees on the outskirts of Santiago at the foot of the Andean cordillera. It was designed as a ‘ship’ that could land in the forest and then later depart, leaving the forest untouched, hence the name Apollo 11. There is also the intent for the space to serve as a laboratory; the house is used as an architecture studio, a rehearsal space and a recording studio for electronic and acoustic music. It is a capsule that has been designed to support its crew – a family of architects and musicians.

Inside the ‘ship’ the inhabitant is a guest, a silent spectator of nature and the forest in all its dimensions; like the transient crew of an observation capsule, having an ephemeral awareness of a place that belongs to them yet cannot be owned.


Photos by Parra + Edwards Arquitectos via Architizer


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