As they say, miniature creation is the least practiced art, but still there are few who heads onto doing it, not because of just trying hard to stand out but mostly because of the fulfillment that you experience thereafter. One of these few is Mr. Chen Forng Shean who constantly experiments on not-your-so-usual materials such as toothpicks, dental floss, tootbrushes, pumpkin seeds, among others. And probably the most eye-catching of Mr Shean’s works are those that are made from grains of rice. Yes, even a really tiny substance with only a size 0.5cm x 0.3cm can be used as medium of art.

The artist says:

The seemed tiny objects actually hide the universe without boundaries. Each project takes me on an adventure of wonders; the wisdoms hidden within are beyond my grasping. The moment the project is done, the satisfaction is so rewarding that it can’t be replaced by money.

AstoundingIllustrationsDelicatelyDrawnonaGrainofRice2 AstoundingIllustrationsDelicatelyDrawnonaGrainofRice3 AstoundingIllustrationsDelicatelyDrawnonaGrainofRice4

[via miniature]


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