screw art

That’s right. He screws his art, literally. Meet Andrew Myers, one of the most patient modern day sculptor of today. He starts with a base, draws a portrait and pre-drills holes for the screws. He doesn’t use technology to do a pattern, he plays-it-by-ear. Now, that’s talent.

He didn’t use screws for art when he was starting, he just thought of it one day, while working on a bronze relief depicting the life of Saint Catherin for a church. He worked hard for this concept and you can see here, he made good.

art_screw2 art_screw3 art_screw4 art_screw5 art_screw6 art_screw7 art_screw8 art_screw9 art_screw10 art_screw11 art_screw12

[via mediadump]


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