At first glance, did you readily notice what was in the first image? If no is your answer, don’t fret because we are on the same side. If yes, good for you because you sure have an eye for art. Yes, the image spelled-out the month January and yes that was just a plain white watercolor paper stitched with colored cotton thread. The artist behind this work of art is Peter Crawley whose illustrations have been used commercially by world leading brand, publications and advertising agencies. His works are created by hand piercing various stocks of paper with a pin and then stitching the paper with a needle and cotton thread. Amazing, huh?

ArtisticHandPiercedPaperNeedleStitchedTypography2 ArtisticHandPiercedPaperNeedleStitchedTypography3 ArtisticHandPiercedPaperNeedleStitchedTypography4 ArtisticHandPiercedPaperNeedleStitchedTypography5 ArtisticHandPiercedPaperNeedleStitchedTypography6


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